St.Kilda`s Pride and Joy "Bonnie" went 3 best bitch on Crufts 2002 the same year she went BOB in World Dog Show Amsterdam. On the same show her mother Int.NordFin ch, NordV-00, Kbhv-00, NV-01, WW-02 St.Kilda`s Victory Made went BOB veteran and 3 BIG veteran... What a year for both dogs.!

The first trip to Crufts for my Bonnie.


Judge(s): Mr E J Robinson (D) Mrs F A Somerfield (B)
Mr. E.J. Robinson :
I enjoyed the opportunity to judge at this prestigious event. The entry was mixed but I had some lovely quality dogs to
go over. Some entrants were well up to size & had to pay the penalty. The PD class had some very promising
youngsters which augers well for the breed & the OD class was a delight to judge.
Mrs. F.A. Somerfield:
It was a great thrill to judge this excellent, high quality entry. I enjoyed it from the moment I saw the lovely merle puppy
which was first in line in the first class ( she ended up BPB) until the very last vetera. My best three classes were
puppy, limit & open. I could not want for a nicer co-judge than Mr Robinson so, much though I liked my BCC & BPB, 
I was happy to concede to his two very good dogs. It seems churlish to mention faults after a day like this but I could
not help noticing the missing premolars - Shetlands used to be a breed which scored in this direction.
"It was her day, she looked the part in every way & showed & moved so well. Good head & expression, using her ears well, very  nice eyes, well made, well laid shoulder, nice over the loin & croup going into firm quarters, good bone, legs & feet, pleasing coat & condition. I was delighted to hear that her CC made her a champion."

"Richer s/w, very good head, eye & ears. Splendid bitch in every way but  I felt Estrellitta just had the edge today."
"S/w along the same lines as 1 & 2. Pressed hard throughout the class. Pleasing head, good shape, could have carried a touch more coat over her loin."

Copenhagen Winners

Copenhagen winners

1999 St.Kilda`s Lovely Tiffany

2000 St.Kilda`s Pride and Joy

2001 St.Kilda`s Victory Made and Red Baron

2002 St.Kilda`s Victory Made and Red Baron

Sheltie of the year from 1996-2002

Sheltie of the year

2002 No. 1 Best Bitch Int.NordFin ch, NordV-00, Kbhv-00, NV-01, WW-02 St.Kilda`s Pride and Joy

2001: No 1 bitch: Int Nord Ch NordV-00 KBHV00 WW-02 St.Kilda’s Pride and Joy, owners Laila& Bjørn Lauritzen.

No 2 bitch: N S Ch St.Kilda's Great Charisma, owners Laila& Lena Lauritzen

2000: No 2 bitch: Int Nord Ch NordV-00 KBHV00 WW-02 St.Kilda’s Pride and Joy, owners Laila& Bjørn Lauritzen.

1999: No 1 bitch: Int Nord Uch NV-89-99 St.Kilda’s Lovely Tiffany, owners Laila & Liz Lauritzen.

No 2 bitch: St.Kilda's Sweet Little Hannah Owners Laila Lauritzen

1997: No 2 bitch: St.Kilda’s Sweet Temptation, owners Laila & Bjørn Lauritzen.

1996: No 2 dog: N S Uch St.Kilda’s Solid Success, owner Tordis Kjølseth.

Nr 2 bitch:Int N S FIN DK uch KBHV-01-02 DKKRV-02St.Kilda’s Victory Made, owners Laila & Bjørn Lauritzen.

  • St.Kilda`s Pride and Joy BIS special show England 2002

    ESSC 2002

  • Bitch line up . Bonnie no.1

  • St.Kilda`s Pride and Joy